Digital access control and subcontractor management for construction sites

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checkmark Optimization of construction logistics and area management
checkmark Customs-compliant construction
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Digital access control and subcontractor management for construction sites

Are you still chasing subcontractors over the phone?

Don't incur costs due to missing documents and tedious paperwork. Secure our user-friendly and intuitive solution.

Save time thanks to easy subcontractor management

Company and employee master data can be easily and conveniently managed after awarding a contract. In addition, subcontractors can independently upload documents required for the construction site. These include, for example, A1 documents or work and residence permits.

checkmark Direct notification of expired documents
checkmark User-friendly and multilingual
checkmark GDPR compliant
Save time
Mauss Bau
“We spend less time chasing subcontractors with changing employees every day and can therefore focus more on the actual challenges of a construction site.”
Thomas Feigl
Head of Preconstruction
Minimize liability

Minimize liability with digital access control

Our digital access control ensures a complete recording of all persons on your construction site and helps you grant access only to authorized individuals. Keep control and overview at all times.

checkmark Only authorized persons on the construction site
checkmark No internet connection required
checkmark Compatible with all access systems

Meet the next customs inspection with a smile?

By using the Bausicht platform, you keep customs-relevant master data and documents necessary for the construction site securely in one place. With a click, they are available in the form of a customs report and can be easily submitted to customs without much effort.

checkmark Customs report for your construction site at the push of a button
checkmark Real-time attendance recording
checkmark Frictionless process
Meet the next customs inspection

Simplifies Work - and Increases Security.

Excel / Other solution

  • Waste of time and errors due to manual inspection

  • Risk of illegal employment, fines, and damage to reputation

  • Laborious recording of all company and personal data at the construction site

  • Employees are overwhelmed by scattered methods and complicated programs

With Bausicht

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    Automatic notifications for expired certificates and documents

  • checkmark

    Customs-compliant construction and smooth communication with subcontractors

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    Recording of all present companies and employees at the construction site

  • checkmark

    Data import and export for further processing possible

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    Real-time overview of all construction sites remotely in the spirit of Lean Construction

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German Lean Construction Institution
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Do you have any questions? We have answers.

We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you

Do subcontractors have to manage themselves?

No, subcontractors do not have to manage themselves. Bausicht offers general contractors a hybrid solution in the form of possible external management. This ensures that subcontractors who cannot manage themselves are recorded in the system and checked for completeness.

How does a plausibility check work?

Key figures of the certificates of good conduct (trade associations, social security funds (SOKA), health insurance companies) are automatically read out and checked for plausibility. In case of large deviations or non-compliance with the minimum wage, the employer is notified.

Can I take a closer look at the product?

Of course! We are happy to show you our solution in the form of a free live demo. Click here to request your personal demo. Our experts will give you an individual tour of the product and will specifically address your questions.

Is Bausicht GDPR-compliant?

Yes, because all our data is stored on local German servers in compliance with GDPR to be protected against possible misuse. In addition, our role-based permission system prevents the stored data from being accessed by unauthorized persons/companies.

How does digital minimum wage declaration work?

Minimum wage declarations can be signed on paper and uploaded or digitally and legally signed on a tablet. Subcontractors are reminded in a timely manner to sign again.

Is the terminal compatible with all access systems?

Our Bausicht terminal is compatible with all conventional access systems, including doors, barriers, turnstiles, and many more. It doesn’t matter whether the access systems are located inside or outside buildings.

Goodbye Paper Chaos. Hello Bausicht.

checkmark 80% less paperwork
checkmark 30% less administrative effort
checkmark 100% overview of all documents
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Christopher Sura

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