Digital Access Control for Construction Sites

Gain full visibility of all companies and individuals present on your construction site with the help of digital access control for construction sites.


Less time spent on new registrations


Less time required for reporting


Overview of all Employees

All in One Place Access Control + Online Portal

We take care of delivering and setting up access control for the construction site and provide you with our modern access control software.

Turnstile for the Construction Site
Modern Software
Professional Installation
Reader + RFID Passes

Employee Tracking Check-in, Check-out

Our digital access control for construction sites allows for seamless tracking of all entries and exits on your construction site. Additionally, you can specify which documents employees must have on record to access the site.

checkmark Attendance Tracking for Construction Site
checkmark Anti-Passback Access Control for Construction Site
checkmark View History of All Subcontractors and Individuals
Employee Tracking

Generate Reports at the Push of a Button

Fast report generation is important not only for your cost control and logging but also for customs inspections or emergencies. Digital access control for construction sites enables easy attendance tracking. Furthermore, you have all qualifications and contact information of attendees readily available.

checkmark Search Function Based on Desired Criteria
checkmark In Case of Emergency: Quickly Print Reports
checkmark Data Export (and Import) to Common Programs for Further Processing Possible

Forgery-Proof Construction Site Passes

Custom construction site passes with RFID chips allow for clear identification of incoming and outgoing individuals on your construction site. Learn about the types of construction site passes available.

checkmark Company-Specific Design
checkmark Access for authorized persons only
checkmark Minimization of Security Risks

Even More Construction-Sight: More of Our Features

Digitally Sign Minimum Wage Declarations

Digitally Sign Minimum Wage Declarations

Minimum wage declarations can be legally and multilingually signed on all devices from anywhere.

Role and Permission System

Role and Permission System

Our role and permission system grants access to personal data to selected employees only.

Safety Briefings

Safety Briefings

Safety briefings can be efficiently conducted and confirmed via digital signature on a tablet/smartphone.

Qualifications of All Employees

Qualifications of All Employees

The qualifications of all employees are quickly accessible and clearly presented.

Filter and Search Functions

Filter and Search Functions

To access the desired information quickly and clearly.

No Internet Required

No Internet Required

Our terminals are equipped with SIM cards, eliminating the need for an internet connection.

Data Import and Export

Data Import and Export

Existing data can be imported into our system to save time, and it can be exported to various file formats for further processing.

Turnstile for the Construction Site

Turnstile for the Construction Site

Our system is compatible with all access systems, including doors, barriers, or turnstiles for the construction site.

Customers & Partners

Krämer Bau
Hanseland Sicherheit
MBM Baustellenlogistik
RTS Dienstleistungen
German Lean Construction Institution
Bundesverband Digitales Bauwesen

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Founders Foundation
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Do You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

We've listed the most frequently asked questions for you.

Which access systems is digital access control compatible with?

Bausicht terminals can easily connect and install with most access systems, including turnstiles, doors, or gates.

Are the card readers weather-resistant and theft-proof?

Our hardware is specially designed for construction sites, ensuring reliable and high durability.

Can I integrate subcontractor document management?

Our system is modular. This means that modules like Subcontractor Document Management and Digital Construction Logistics can be easily added to digital access control for construction sites.

How much does digital access control for construction sites cost?

The cost of access control for construction sites depends on the size of the site, the number of employees present, and your company’s requirements. For a tailored quote, please contact us through the following link, and we will get back to you shortly.

Can subcontractors also generate reports?

In principle, yes, but with limitations since they lack permissions to access personal data of other companies. Therefore, they can only generate employee and attendance lists for their own company.

Goodbye Paper Chaos. Hello Bausicht.

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